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Our mission is to serve and empower our members to pursue their purpose in life and reach their fullest potential by providing extraordinary care, mentorship, advocacy, and fostering values to the individuals we serve.


Our vision as an organization, team and family is to provide an environment with diligent, smart, and compassionate staff who teach and encourage independence that results in growth and new opportunities for our members. 

Encourage our members to live a self-fulfilling life by exploring their passions and interests while enhancing their interpersonal skills, spirituality, and supporting their individualized needs.

To create thriving homes that our organization is proud to present to visiting families and friends. Where a “Good Enough for Me”  mentality is placed first when providing direct care. A home where caring for our members is the same as caring for a beloved family member. 



VEMA is a family-owned organization founded by Rudy and Margie Vega in 2003. The Vega's purpose for providing services to people with developmental disabilities and TBI is a result of Mr. Vega caring for an uncle with Down Syndrome at an early age in life.

Rudy and Margie Vega would go on to realize their purpose to serve individuals with disabilities and foster children. The Vega's have worked with many children and adults with developmental disabilities and TBI's in the states of Texas and Arizona. After over 15 years of providing residential services and complete coordination of care and an abundance of knowledge the Vega's would go on to form VEMA in Phoenix, Arizona.

Twenty years later, VEMA continues to provide a variety of services to individuals in Arizona including Residential Habilitation (DDD), Behavioral Health, and Assisted Living services.

The amount of compassion and support that is provided to the members of VEMA is a direct reflection of the Vega Family Vision.


-    Values – Value every member and staff with support, respect, and dignity

-    Empowerment – Empower every member and staff to reach their fullest potential and independence within our organization 

-    Mentors – Mentor every member and staff to build and enhance their skills and weaknesses

-    Advocates – Advocate for every member and staff to continue to grow and thrive within our organization and community

“Do to others as you would like them to do to you.” – Luke 6:31

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